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updated  25-01-2008

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name, address     Dutch telephone book  asks for name and town, gives the number. KPN
      tip:  type for naam only the first 2 letters, gives fill-in field street.
Dutch telephone book  asks for name and town, gives the number. GoudenGids
Gouden Gids  Dutch Yellow Pages
zoek op  search on a lot, eg ip-numbers, Dutch telephone numbers (asks for the number, gives name and address)   search for nameserver, aliases, ip-numbers  whois, searching with ip-numbers  whois, searching with ip-numbers
spam combat  trace a person on the internet
Postcode  Dutch zipcodes<=>addresses, by TPGPost, and the postal rates letters in Dutch
maps, routes     Amsterdam map  search on street and number  maps of the Netherlands, search on zipcode or address  public transport info, a free replacement for the previous costly OV-Reisinfo  car route from zipcode to zipcode in the Netherlands  Online Maps to Everywhere  World Atlas of
PCL maps  Perry-Castañeda Library, an extensive map collection
converters, codes  money converter, or the direct link  conversion table, for measurements and temperature  conversion table, for cooking
Roman numerals  conversion table
acronyms  and emoticons
special characters  for html
ALT codes
language     van Dale  Dutch dictionary and much more, online link  (new) Dutch spelling online
Genus  shows the gender of a Dutch word
Webster  English dictionary, ARTFL Project  English comprehensive dictionary
Merriam Webster  English collegiate dictionary and thesaurus
online dictionaries  like Freedict E-N / N-E and Travlang's N-E or E-N
WorldLingo  translations, as Translation  almost everything from and into English, even bad Dutch
Altavista Babelfish Translation  almost everything from and into English
InterTran Translation  almost everything from and into English, even bad Dutch
the alternative dictionaries
the Dutch language  to my Holland-language links
data bases  internet movie database
nos-TT  nos television teletext
chemfinder  database with common types of chemical information.
drugs list  alphabetic listing of drugs, and drug types
gebedsdagen  Jewish, Christian and Muslim data.
newspapers  online newspapers in the world, part of
the European union's server  with ScadPlus, bibliographical database of the EU
world factbook

government  government, her governmental sites and a list of all in Dutch Dutch towns  ministry of the Interior  ministry of Foreign Affairs, lots of info, see also the Dutch version  ministry of Education, Culture and Science, see also the Dutch version  ministry of Justice  here you find what the government wants you to know
royal Netherlands embassy  lots of information  the Dutch parliament
in Dutch  law     Old Constitutions for the United Netherlands 1814-1938, and more
regelgeving in de Nederlanden Regulations in the Netherlands  policy of Public Prosecution Service and her penalty database  info en uitspraken
gerechtshof Amsterdam  info en uitspraken  het juridisch portaal op internet  het juridisch wetenschappelijk bureau, met haar webgids
advocaten Amsterdam  list of lawyers in Amsterdam
KULAK  Recht uit de Lage Landen
transportation     Dutch traffic signs  in pdf format, official
trains in the Netherlands,  train info  public transport info for the Netherlands
Rover  for all public transportation users in the Netherlands  in Dutch
BTTB  for all public transportation users in Belgium  in Dutch
de fietsersbond  the Dutch cyclists association
de fietsersbond  the Belgium cyclists association
autodate and greenwheels  for shared auto users  in Dutch
cities    Amsterdam  capital and largest city
Den Haag  seats the goverment and most embassies, and the Digitale Hofstad
Rotterdam  biggest world port, and the Rotterdam Virtual Tour
Utrecht  with its beautiful canals  in Dutch
Haarlem  with the most pittoresk 'hofjes'  in Dutch
Helmond   in the east of North-Brabant, its history  in Dutch, its helluhmonds and the vlisco factory  has information about other cities  Ministery of Large Cities, with a list of all Dutch towns
heritage    Ministry of Foreign Affairs  a concise history of the Netherlands
Duijvenbode  historical dates, oa Netherland, Belgium en Luxembourg all in Dutch
pushkar  historical dates of the Netherlands including Moresnet and the House of Orange in Dutch   with the Dutch Revolt, also chronological in Dutch
Museum  of the history of the Low Countries  'They just did what they knew best'
Civic Heraldry  Dutch civic arms
the Netherlands in the Middle Ages in Dutch
Town Atlas of the Netherlands in 1868
the Dutch flag  and more  extensive both in Dutch
palaces  the official history
monarchy  the official history. See also the non-official and his in Dutch version
genealogy of Orange-Nassau  of the royal family of the Netherlands
the Republic is not dead, he is still alive and well in Dutch
VOC  the history of the Dutch East India shipping company
afsluitdijk  IJsselmeer barrier dam
hunebedden  Dutch dolmens
de Hollandsche molen  in Dutch
Maastrichtse gevelstenen  gable stones in the southern city of Maastricht  in Dutch
Dutch flowerbulbs
Laurens Janszoon Coster  Dutch classical literature on the web  in Dutch  lyrics of Dutch songs  in Dutch
language     van Dale  Dutch dictionary and much more, online link
the faulty Van Dale  Hoe goed en fout is Van Dale, met intro  (new) Dutch spelling online
genus  to find the gender of a Dutch word
taalgebruik  computerterms translated into Dutch
woordenboek  dictionary for Dutch illnesses
wikipedia  de vrije encyclopedie, the free encyclopedia
BTL  de Bond Tegen Leenwoorden  in Dutch
homonyms  homonyms and Wilhelmus (the nat. anthem)
learn Dutch  online Dutch language course
Taalthuis  online Dutch language course
Language History  part of the NedWeb-project
onze taal  links to sites for foreign (beginning) students of the Dutch language
de taalvlinder  links for the translator English to Dutch  in Dutch  see under Maluku - Kei for a dictionary Dutch-Keiees
Daftar Kata  dictionary list Dutch-Indonesian
the alternative dictionaries
Lowlands languages  online presentations in and about Lowlands language Dutch
Belgium  languages and dialects
other languages  to my Tools-language links
general  Central Bureau for Statistics with our population
Google  Netherlands news and media
nieuws  Dutch news en newspapers  in Dutch  headers of articles in the newspapers  in Dutch  Dutch radio stations live  in Dutch
Atlapedia online  general information about the Netherlands
US factbook N  about the Dutch criminal justice system  the national Ombudsman  smoking and te law  in Dutch  the Dutch foundation on smoking and health  in Dutch  the Dutch non-smokers association
smokey Schiphol  a true story about smoking at Schiphol airport
Trimbos institute  for mental health and addiction
in Dutch  searchers    
dejanews  archive of newsgroups articles
a.l.s.  the Amsterdam link site  art  Dutch links
melfers  with controversial Dutch links

mostly in Dutch  government  is the new site of the city of Amsterdam, including:  searching in almost all public documents
diensten en organisaties  a list of some city services
dRO Amsterdam  'dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening', the physical planning department   dRO in Dutch
Atlas Amsterdam  municipal information in a geographical context
nieuws  news, press releases and resolutions made by the 'college' of mayor and aldermen
raadsvergaderingen  council meetings on certain times live on the web
hondenbelasting  dog tax, click Belastingen particulieren
infrastructure  department of Infrastructure Traffic and Transportation
transportation    Amsterdam map  search on street and number  public transport info for in the Netherlands  in Dutch  Amsterdam public transport
bicycling in Amsterdam the official Amsterdam bicycle information  in Dutch
dept. ivv  with travel to and in Amsterdam: parking advice and handy maps
Lovers boattours  canalboats, watertaxi, museumboat and Artis-express
future metro  north-south line, the official site  amazingly only in Dutch
tram and train in Amsterdam  colors and train sections in and around Amsterdam  in Dutch
city of Amsterdam  the official history
City Hall of Amsterdam  was confiscated, is now called the palace on the Dam
Amsterdam Heritage  the official office Amsterdam Heritage,
      and her archaeological excavations (with pictures)  in Dutch
VVAB  friends of Amsterdam Innercity  in Dutch. With the canal fillings
VVAG  friends of Amsterdam gablestones  in Dutch. See also Maastricht
defence line of Amsterdam  a citywall of water
Ons Amsterdam  the history of Amsterdam until today  in Dutch
quip van winkel  Dutch culture and the réal Amsterdam
Amsterdam houseboats  history, types, links
crown lantern  Amsterdammers who want this street lantern back in the Innercity  in Dutch
under the emperors crown  Walther Schoonenberg's historic Amsterdam  in Dutch
Amsterdam quiz  how good do you know Amsterdam  in Dutch
de Vrije Keyser  info about squatters and other activists
SPOK  housing speculation investigation collective  in Dutch
Jordaan online  info and links about the Jordaan, part of buurt-online  in Dutch
tourism  city in pictures, links to photo's and more  interesting pictures of Amsterdam
Panoramsterdam  150+ recent panoramic photographs of Amsterdam
Amsterdam Picture Guide  pictures of all kind of events
Red Light District  useful tips
Zeeburg nieuws  Sail 2000  in Dutch  tips on pickpockets, thieves, and self-Defense
Sail 95, sucking the buck  impressions of Amsterdam's Sail 1995
tourism  to my Tourism in Amsterdam page
media  Amsterdam public library  in Dutch  broadcasting co, local radio and tv stations  in Dutch
Hip Travel guide  Dutch television
live webcam Heiligeweg  corner Kalverstraat
live webcam Koningsplein
live webcam Overtoom
general  a guide to Amsterdam  a guide to Amsterdam
internet guide  a guide to Amsterdam
hip travel guide  a guide to Amsterdam
find a place   to live in Amsterdam
dogshit in Amsterdam  a solution  in Dutch  dogshit in Holland  in Dutch
mokum tv  real Amsterdam links
a.l.s.  the Amsterdam link site, with some English links

    Amsterdam Heritage  with the architects and  in Dutch archeologie
Arcam  the Architecture Center Amsterdam
NAI  the Netherlands Architecture Institute
sensual architecture

    Laurens Janszoon Coster  a collection of Dutch literary masterpieces  in Dutch  the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts  Amsterdam School of the Arts  in Dutch  links

Culture  Dutch tv series from the 60's en 70's  in Dutch
Wim T. Schippers  comedian from The Hague  in Dutch
sinternet  the Dutch version of Santa Claus
quip van winkel  Dutch culture and the réal Amsterdam
Amsterdam is closed  by Quip van Winkel
Dutchies abroad  for the Dutch living abroad

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